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"Harry is a good guy. The school my kids attend had a problem with an old
Omega D-2, and Harry was very helpful on the phone helping me diagnose
the problem."
                                                                           -Paul B.

Classic Enlargers carries a variety of darkroom and other equipment. If you do not see what you need on our list, please contact us about your requirements. Packing and shipping are not included.

Description Item Price, Stamford, CT
1) Seal Dry Mount Press, 150 (15.5 x 18.5 inches) SDMP-150 $600.00
2) Seal Dry Mount Press, 160 (15.5 x 18.5 inches) SDMP-160 $600.00
3) Seal Replacement Heater, for Masterpiece SRH-M $300.00
4) Lektra Timer, TM-762, 0.1 to 110 seconds TM-762 $120.00
5) Lektra Timer, TM-763, 0.1 to 110 seconds TM-763 $160.00
6) Lektra Timer, TM-764, percentage TM-764 $190.00
7) Dust Removal System, for darkroom DRS $150.00
8) Lamphouse Cooling Fan LCF $100.00
9) Retina Tele-Artar, 85 mm RT-85 $30.00
10) Flashes   Call for list
11) Air Brushes, Colors & Manuals   Call for list
12) Retouching Colors   Call for list
13) Light Meters, Sekonic Studio Deluxe, L-398 L-398 $90.00
14) Light Meters, Gossen Ultra Pro GUP $400.00
15) Light Meters, Attachments   Call for list
16) Filters   Call for list
17) Tripods, Slik U-212 SU-212 Call for price
18) Tripods, Husky IV H-IV Call for price
19) Tripods, Gitzo No. 1, Tripod Head G-1TH Call for price
20) Tripods, Gitzo No. 2, Tripod Head G-2TH Call for price
21) Slide Projectors, Voightlander, VP300 AF, 35 mm VP300 Call for price
22) Slide Projectors, Rollei, P350A, 35 mm P350A Call for price
23) Color Analyser, EPOI MM-7, solid state MM-7 $200.00
24) Enlarging Meter & Timer, Jobotronic 2000 J-2000 Call for price
25) pH Meter, Engineered Systems ES $100.00
26) Densitometer, ESECO Speedmaster, T-85D T-85D $600.00

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