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"Harry stocks the various bits and parts you need to
get the most out of your D-3."
  -Tom G.

Omega D-3, Automega Enlarger (see photo)

This is an autofocus enlarger with a geared support column, crank elevator and three lens condenser system, similar to the D-2V. Once it is focused it stays in focus as the head is moved up and down the column to change image size. A focusing track and matching lens cone is needed for each different focal length lens.

The enlarger can hold focusing tracks for three lenses at the same time. The D-3 enlarger is supplied with lamphouse and three condenser set. Cold light heads are also available as are colorheads as an option. Lens cones and negative carriers are extra. Packing and shipping are not included.




Price, Stamford, CT

Omega D-3 Enlarger, 
full cosmetic & 
mechanical restoration



Omega D-3 Enlarger,
mechanical restoration only



Optional Items: cold lights, 
colorheads, lens cones, etc.


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