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"For more than 20 years, THE BASIC DARKROOM BOOK has been the standard reference for photographers who process and print their own color and black-and-white photos."

The Basic Darkroom Book
by Tom Grimm (Photographer), Jerry Burchfield, Michele Grimm

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Photo District News Magazine
The award-winning monthly magazine for the visual creative, has been covering the professional photographic industry for over two decades. Every month it delivers news and analysis, interviews and portfolios that keep you informed on everything that's happening in the world of photography.
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"Offers both the beginner & the professional ideas and techniques for designing, building, & equipping darkrooms. Covers such topics as the Kodak RA color system, the environmental impact of the darkroom, the conversion & enhancement of images transmitted via the Internet.."

The New Darkroom Handbook
by Joe Demaio, Robin Worth, Roberta Worth, Dennis P. Curtin

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View Camera Magazine
Specifically aimed toward the large format photographer. Each issue provides in-depth interviews with portfolios by respected photographers, new and used equipment reviews, workshop listings, and articles providing technical information for the large format photographer that cannot be found in any other publication.
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"This textbook introduces the fundamental principles of the craft and science of photography, such as optics, light, photometry, sensitometry, chemistry, and perception. The second edition adds a chapter on digital photography."

Basic Photographic Materials and Processes
by Leslie D. Stroebel (Editor), Richard D. Zakia, Ira Current, John Compton

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Blind Spot Photography Magazine
Blind Spot publishes new and never-before-published works by the world's most renowned artists and discovers vital new work by up-and-coming artists. The collaboration of the editors and the ideas expressed by the individual artists make each issue of Blind Spot emerge as a single work of art.
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"The "recipes" are clearly detailed in an easy-to-follow textbook format, with such new processes as the Fredrick Temperaprint (a tricolor system based on gum dichromate) and the Argyrotype (an iron-silver process similar to Van Dyke)."

Coming into Focus: A Step-by-Step Guide to Alternative Photographic Printing Processes
by John Barnier (Editor)

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Professional Photographer Magazine
For 95 years, Professional Photographer magazine has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry. Each issue contains practical yet cutting edge lessons for both the business and artistic sides of professional photography.
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"This book gives comprehensive step by step instruction for so many different techniques I was amazed that only one photographer wrote it.  She certainly knows her stuff!  It was easy to understand and to work with. I learned so much from this book..."

Creative Photo Printmaking
by Theresa Airey

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"I cherish my subscription to Contact Sheet as I get to see work that I would not see otherwise.  ...what draws me to this journal is the work of emerging artists is being showcased and is presented to a larger audience than a regional gallery/workshop would otherwise be able to cater to."

Contact Sheet Magazine

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"...his powerful black and white images make you stop and think. It's a good photography book. But, even if you're not into photography, the Southern flavor of his anecdotal references to each photo is worth reading."

Dramatic Black and White Photography: Shooting and Darkroom Techniques
by J. D. Hayward

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Photography Society of America Journal
The PSA Journal, the monthly magazine, is full of how-to articles, valuable photographic information, and great photographs. The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is the largest organization of its kind in the world, bringing together amateur and professionals in all the varied fields of photography.
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"I purchased this book before I first started using my darkroom. Since then, all the questions I've had, have been answered by this book. This book will tell you everything you need to know about darkrooms and developing film."

Kodak Black-And-White Darkroom Dataguide
(Kodak Publication, No. R-20.)

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Photo Marketing Magazine
For over the 75 years of its existence, Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI) has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the continuously expanding imaging industry.  PMA members voted Photo Marketing Magazine as the second most important aspect of their membership.
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"The Bible for color negative and print processing...this book is essential to those who are interested in developing color prints. This is the exact book that Kodak has for black and white, except the information pertains to color negatives, slides, and prints. A must have for serious photographers."

Kodak Color Darkroom Dataguide

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Aperture Magazine
Aperture was launched in 1952, in California, by some of photography's greatest practitioners: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, and Minor White among others. It was the founders' desire to communicate with serious photographers and creative people everywhere.
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"A excellent book for serious darkroom fanatics...easy to understand concise language, how to make your own developers, toners, fixers, reducers etc. Stephen Anchell gives you the formulas to reproduce, in your own darkroom, a host of great developers..."

The Darkroom Cookbook
by Steve Anchell

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Black & White Magazine
Black & White Magazine is the premier high-quality magazine of black and white photography for collectors of fine photography.  At the core of each issue are 10 Spotlight articles that feature a selection of work by collectible artists—mature masters as well as promising emerging photographers.
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"This book covers platinum and palladium printing in a very logical, thorough manner. If you have never done Pt/Pd, you will get all the introduction necessary to buy a kit and get started."

Platinum and Palladium Printing
by Dick Arentz

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"...bridges the gap between the more theoretical aspects of the photographic process and the popular empirical procedures used by many photographers in the attempt to predict and control the quality of their photographs in practice."

Beyond the Zone System
by Phil Davis

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"Covers virtually anything do do with black and white processing. Provides all the 'How To" so lacking in other books."

Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice: A Manual of Black-And-White Processing and Printing
by Jack Howard Roy Coote, Keith Watson (Contributor)

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"...presents a precise system for creating high quality prints in the darkroom. A definite addition for any serious printer. Even a beginner can distill good information and learn..."

Gradient Light: The Art and Craft of Using Variable Contrast Paper
by Eddie Ephraums

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"...a step-by-step guide to designing and building an inexpensive but professional-quality home darkroom. With it, you can build a high-quality darkroom in your basement, spare room, closet, bathroom, garage, attic or almost anywhere."

Build Your Own Home Darkroom
by Lista Duren, Will McDonald, Billy McDonald 

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"...a sequential arrangement of photographic topics arranged to instruct the reader in camera use, film development and print making. There are suggestions to personalize picture making as well.

Black & White Photography for 35mm: A Guide to Photography and Darkroom Techniques
by Richard Mizdal

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"Are you familiar with the dark room but you want to know more? This book will help you tremendously. When I first read this book I learned so many new techniques that I never knew. This book you will never stop learning from."

Black-And-White Darkroom Techniques
(Kodak Workshop)

by Hubert C. Birnbaum

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"Superbly written and organized. Gives detailed "how-to" for most everything you might want to do."

The Black and White Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Monochrome Techniques
by Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz (Contributor)

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"Would you like two very accomplished and successful photographers to help mentor you through the trial and error as you fine tune your own procedures?  If so, then "Quality in Photography" is for you."

Quality in Photography: How to Take, Process, and Print Excellent Photographs
by Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz

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